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In this newsletter: July Program, Upcoming Workshops, News from our New President, and more.

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** Table of Contents
* East/West  The Hammered Metal Object Preview
* First President’s Message
* East-West Metals Workshops
* Membership Reminder
* Member News
* Gallery Opening in Oregon City
* Metals Job Opportunity!
* Outdoor Art Grant Goes to Lee Haga
* Membership Information
* Newsletter Information

** Editor’s Note
My apologies for the lateness of this newsletter. Somehow I found myself realizing just last night that I had not sent this out, and it should have gone out last week. Please enjoy this short and sweet newsletter! I am in the midst of preparing for the Oregon Country Fair, which as many of you know is an involved undertaking. This year I will have both jewelry and metalwork in shared booth space at 109 main street. Stop by to see me if you are in the neighborhood!

Thank you for your support,

Michele Lukowski

** July 9th – General Meeting Program

** East/West The Hammered Metal Object Preview
Portland’s August first Thursday will be the first showing of this show. It is the 2 year project of Greg Wilbur and his committee to show the work of 22 metal artists (11 from Japan and 11 from America) who use the hammer to make their art. 44 pieces in all, Greg will do a review of the show and how it came into being. Some of the pieces will be there for you to view. CMAG members gave $1,000 to help this show to be what it is. Come see and hear what you helped make.

More information about the show, including workshops by the artists, can be found at ( .

** First President’s Message

By Cheryl Smith
Hello from your new President!
I felt the weight of that cloak right out of the gate, literally, at PDX, when I came home after surgery in LA, to find my inbox literally bouncing with all sorts of questions and tasks…. The contract for next year’s Spring Show has been signed (insert applause for the work of your servant, John Wirth), and the Harold O’Connor fall workshop will be under wraps by the time you receive this message (much appreciation for the negotiation skills of Bruce McKay).

Things are humming along. I do want our membership to be aware of the July 24 application deadline for any metal work artists currently teaching or interested in work as visiting artists, especially through the public schools.

** Teaching Artist Training Lab
The 2013-2014 Teaching Artist Training Lab is an eight-month professional development program for teaching artists from various artistic disciplines and regions across the state. Application Deadline is July 24, 2013.

Complete details are available in the full Program Description, ( . The TAT Lab includes three 2-3 day sessions of in-person training, held in Seattle, as well as a series of teleconferences and opportunities to connect with and learn from teaching artist peers and mentors. The training is centered on thoughtful planning and reflective practice, and addresses key topics such as lesson planning, learning objectives, and assessing student learning in the arts. Our work supports strong teaching artist practice in all settings, with a core focus on supporting collaborative partnerships with K-12 public schools. If you have questions about the program or the application process, contact Lisa Jarets at 360-586-2418
or ( .

I am happy to be back among you, even though you may expect to see me sitting on my package of frozen peas throughout the summer!

** Paid Advertisement
Basic Classes Offered
Contact: Gene Dietzen

** East-West Metals Workshops

By Master Kazuo Kashima
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study traditional Japanese metalsmithing techniques with master craftsmen!

Held in conjunction with the groundbreaking international metals exhibition, “East-West: The Hammered Metal Object,” these unique workshops are taught by exhibiting Japanese artists visiting the U.S. for a short time only.

Traditional Japanese Nunome Inlay with Master Kazuo Kashima
Sat. & Sun. • July 27 – 28 • 10 am – 4 pm

Explore the traditional Japanese technique of Nunome Zogan, a cloth-weave textured inlay.

Traditional Japanese Wire Inlay with Master Satoshi Hara
Sat. & Sun. • August 3 – 4 • 10 am – 4 pm

Create intricate graphic patterns of dots and lines on your own custom cup, and finish it with an interior gilding of 24K gold.

For more information on these private workshops, links to the international exhibition, and to register, visit ( or contact: (

Registration is limited, so reserve your spot today!


Are held the second tuesday of each month at 7:15 in room 33 of the Multinomah Arts Center. Guests are welcome! Each meeting includes a general meeting where guild business is discussed, followed by an educational program. Light refreshments are provided.

** Membership Reminder
Membership forms were recently mailed out to all current CMAG members for the annual renewal. Remember to get your forms in before August 31 for your early renewal discount. If you have not received a form, misplaced it, or your dog ate it, you can pick one up at the meeting, or request a PDF form from (

** Member News

Gallery Opening in Oregon City
Contributed by Mandy Allen Mandy Allen will be exhibiting her sculptures and jewelry at a new gallery in Oregon City. (By the way, this is a contact she made during the Spring Show, another good reason for doing it.) It is a three person show titled “Joy, Sass and Lots of Glass” and it will be the largest collection of her anodized aluminum and copper sculptures ever. She would love to see you at the opening reception Friday, July 12th, 5pm- 8pm, orr check it out any time this summer – the show runs through August 31st. S.L.O.T. Studio Art Gallery, 900 Main Street, Suite 106, Historic Downtown Oregon City.

** Metals Job Opportunity!
Contributed by Lee Rumsey Haga
There is an opening for a Metals lab assistant/studio tech at Mt.Hood Community College starting the first week in October, 2013. It is a 2-year position,12 hours/week for 10 weeks each term, pays $10/hour, plus benefits of being featured in a studio tech show at the end of the stint in the College’s newly updated gallery, taking occasional free classes, and being able to use the Metals program’s building. Requirements: BA or BFA, with some metalsmithing/jewelry experience.

Contact Lee Rumsey Haga ( Head of Metalsmithing/Jewelry program) at: (

** Outdoor Art Grant Goes to Lee Haga
Contributed by Lee Haga
Lee Haga has just received a grant from The Enamelist Society to complete an approximately 12 foot outdoor enameled wall piece entitled, “The River,” honoring the Columbia River, to be mounted on the outside of the Metalsmithing/Jewelry building at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon. The mural will be collaboratively worked on by her students over the 2013-2014 school year.


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