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In this newsletter: May Program, Spring Show, Website Update, Upcoming Workshops

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** Table of Contents
* New Member Show and Tell
* President’s Message – Spring Show Success
* East-West Metals Workshops
* The Royal Mystery Ring of Escrick
* Artist Opportunities and Workshops
* Clark County Recycled Arts Festival, June 29-30
* Grants available from the Regional Arts and Culture Council
* Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts
* Membership Information
* Newsletter Information

** June 11th – General Meeting Program

** New Member Show and Tell
Our newer members will have the opportunity to show their work to the guild, recieving OOOhs and AAAhs from their peers, giving us a chance to get to know each other and, hopefully teach some of the old dogs new tricks. In return, some of our more seasoned veterans (old dogs) may be willing to share their expertice to help with design and processes that may help………if asked for a critique. There are fiew things better than seeing new and interesting work to feed the soul and lead us all to our path of excellence.

** President’s Message – Spring Show Success

By Bruce McKay


I have received my letter of Termination from the Creative Metal Arts Guild and it is with an almost heavy heart that I must have my butt kicked out of the Presidential Suite. So in this last letter from me, I am going to detail the accomplishments of my Presidency: I was the first Biracial President of CMAG that I am aware of. Like President Obama, I am part Caucasian, part African(1/16th).

During my two year tenure, CMAG was able to have 21 successful meetings and 1 so-so meeting. I am sure you remember that one.
During my time in office, we successfully moved from one meeting room to another!

While in office I oversaw the momentous move from a voluntary pay system in the Refreshments to a FREE Refreshments for All program.
During my calm control of the Guild finances, we rarely went broke.
Under my firm lack of guidance, the Spring Show Committee had 2 successful Shows!

I learned how to brew Beer at home!!!
As President Emeritus, I plan on providing consistent heckling from the back of the room for our new President, Cheryl Smith. Please give her the help she will need to keep me from misbehaving.

Yer former Pres,


** Paid Advertisement
Basic Classes Offered
Contact: Gene Dietzen

** East-West Metals Workshops

By Master Kazuo Kashima
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study traditional Japanese metalsmithing techniques with master craftsmen!

Held in conjunction with the groundbreaking international metals exhibition, “East-West: The Hammered Metal Object,” these unique workshops are taught by exhibiting Japanese artists visiting the U.S. for a short time only.

Traditional Japanese Nunome Inlay with Master Kazuo Kashima
Sat. & Sun. • July 27 – 28 • 10 am – 4 pm

Explore the traditional Japanese technique of Nunome Zogan, a cloth-weave textured inlay.

Traditional Japanese Wire Inlay with Master Satoshi Hara
Sat. & Sun. • August 3 – 4 • 10 am – 4 pm

Create intricate graphic patterns of dots and lines on your own custom cup, and finish it with an interior gilding of 24K gold.

For more information on these private workshops, links to the international exhibition, and to register, visit ( or contact: (

Registration is limited, so reserve your spot today!


Are held the second tuesday of each month at 7:15 in room 33 of the Multinomah Arts Center. Guests are welcome! Each meeting includes a general meeting where guild business is discussed, followed by an educational program. Light refreshments are provided.

** The Royal Mystery Ring of Escrick

From the MASSC Newsletter:

A sapphire ring found in a field near York could be older than first thought and may have been owned by royalty, the Yorkshire Museum has said. The intricate Escrick Ring was thought to be between 900-1,400 years old but experts now
believe it could have been made in the fifth or sixth century. A group of experts convened by the Yorkshire Museum suggested it could have belonged to a king or consort.
The gold, glass and sapphire ring is on show at the museum in York. It was found in a field near the village of Escrick by Michael Greenhorn from York and District Metal Detecting Club in 2009.
Yorkshire Museum brought together a group of more than 30 experts from around the country to discuss the ring, to try to “reveal some of its secrets”. Its curator of archaeology, Natalie McCaul, said: “What this workshop has shown is that this sapphire ring is even more special than we had previously thought. “Nothing like it has been found in this country from the fifth or sixth century.”

The group also suggested that it was made in Europe and from the wear on the ring they determined it was worn for at least 50 years. Further research will now be carried out by researchers at Durham University, who will use X-ray technology to examine how it was made. This is the second known use of a sapphire in jewellery found in the country, the first being a 5th Century Roman example, said the museum. The Yorkshire Museum raised £35,000 to buy the ring.

** Artist Opportunities and Workshops

Clark County Recycled Arts Festival, June 29-30
In 2005, Clark County’s Department of Environmental Services started the annual Recycled Arts Fair, held at downtown Vancouver’s Esther Short Park over the fourth full weekend of June. Designed to educate and get the community excited about waste reduction, reuse, and recycling in Clark County. It has grown into a huge family event, with more and more artists participating every year. All of the artists selling at the festival create their artwork out of at least 75% recycled or reused materials.

Unlike other festivals that operate from a profit perspective, the Recycled Arts Festival is a project of county government and uses a combination of sponsorships, booth fees and partnerships to cover festival costs. This revenue-neutral event exists to educate and entertain, while also boosting the local economy by directing visitors to Vancouver’s downtown and developing a receptive buying audience for local artists and artisans.

The event includes music on the main stage, a make-your-own recycled-art tent for kids, and a great crowd of enthusiastic, creative artists and supporters.

For more information visit (

** Grants available from the Regional Arts and Culture Council
Now is the time to think about applying for a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. Deadlines are coming up soon for a number of grants available from the council for projects and professional development. For complete information about available grants, please visit the RACC website at

The deadline for project grants is August 7th, 2013. Project grants are for a specific exhibit, installation, or presentation, and are awarded to non-profit organizations or individuals. Project grants are up to $6,000 and are awarded in areas of Artistic Focus, Community Participation and Arts-In-Schools.

The deadline for intent to apply for professional development grants is August 7th, 2013. The Professional Development Grant Program assists artists or arts administrators with opportunities that specifically improve their business management development skills and/or brings the artist or the arts organization to another level artistically. For more information about professional development grants, go to

** Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts
The Lake Oswego festival of the arts is one of the largest shows of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. The show displays work from emerging and professional artists. Everyone is welcome without a jury process. 2D and 3D eligilble. Entry fee: $30 for up to 3 pieces. $10 each piece thereafter.

Drop by deadline: June 16, 2013; 1-4 PM

More information: website (


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