CMAG News for February 2014

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In this newsletter: A Special Presentation from Laica Studios, Spring Show Applications due February 14th, Upcoming Programs and Shows

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** Table of Contents
* Behind the Scenes at Laika Studios
* President’s Message – Museum Quality
* February Member Profile: Maggie Bowman
* Spring Show Deadline is February 14th
* Upcoming Shows, Workshops, and Exhibitions
* Artburst NW
* Local Women’s 14 Art Show
* Classes and Workshops at the Multnomah Art Center by CMAG members
* Upcoming Programs
* Membership Information
* Newsletter Information

** February 11th – General Meeting Program

** Behind the Scenes at Laika Studios

Presented by Shannon O’Neil

Shannon O’Neil, CMAG member and Head of Background Puppets for Laika Studios will be bringing in some actual movie stars of the puppet variety. She will give a behind the scenes look at stop frame animation puppets with examples from Laika Studios, the creators of the Coroline and Paranorman movies. The studio website is

** President’s Message – Museum Quality

By Leslie Zemenek

Greetings! I hope everyone is staying warm and dry. Snow is coming down yet again as I write this, and everyone in my house, including the dogs, has a little bit of cabin fever. Since I’m not able to travel even the short distance to my studio, I’ve been doing some armchair travel to metals oriented destinations via the internet.

I’ve not yet been to Memphis, but when I do finally go for a visit, my first stop won’t have anything to do with country music. instead I’ll be heading straight to the Metal Museum. In addition to its permanent collection of sculptures, hollowware and even farm tools, the museum features a sculpture garden, a library of over 6000 books and portfolios on metalwork, and rotating exhibits on everything metals related. Each year they honor an influential metalsmith with a solo exhibition. You can also visit the foundry on the grounds or take a workshop at the smithy. ( ( ).

Further north and east, you can visit 2 museums with dedicated space for their permanent jewelry collections. The first is the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. The museum employs a full time Curator of Jewelry, the first of its kind an an American art museum. The permanent collection is composed of approximately 11,000 pieces, ancient to contemporary. (

Back in my home state of New Jersey, the Newark Museum is another fine arts museum that features a dedicated permanent gallery space for its jewelry collection, one of only 4 in the country. During much of the 20th century Newark was a major metalworking center. Curator Grant Dietz, in an interview with the NY Times last month stated that, “Newark was the Detroit of the Jewelry World.” The museum began 2014 with an exhibit recalling Newark’s golden era called, “City of Silver and Gold From Tiffany to Cartier.” I wish I had known more about this when I was a kid living just one town over! (

These are just a few places I went to in my jewelry seeking armchair travels. Do you have any favorite destinations for metal inspiration? We’d love it if you’d share them on the guild Facebook page.

Stay warm!


Are held the second tuesday of each month at 7:15 in room 33 of the Multinomah Arts Center. Guests are welcome! Each meeting includes a general meeting where guild business is discussed, followed by an educational program. Light refreshments are provided.

** February Member Profile: Maggie Bowman

Condensed from PCC Communities article, “Metals on her Mind” (Christina Holmes, Winter 2014)

Maggie grew up in Southern Oregon and taught 8th grade after graduating from Lewis and Clark College. While teaching, Maggie dabbled in art as a way to express her creative side. About 17 years ago, she started a business with her husband making trips down to New Mexico to buy silver jewelry, which they sold at local craft fairs. Tumbleweed Trading Company has been a successful part-time business for the couple. When customers would ask for repairs, Maggie always recommended local instructor Cindy Proctor of Newberg Jewelry Studio. Cindy suggested to Maggie that she could do the repairs herself if she took her PCC continuing ed class.

After taking the class several times, Bowman started buying her own tools and materials and set up a studio in her garage at home. Bowman says the classes “unlocked an unknown space in her heart.”

Bowman retired from teaching in 2012 and today makes everything from whimsical earrings to stunning rings and bracelets. She works in silver, bronze, copper, brass and gold. Her pieces also incorporate beads, stones, and other metals.

** Spring Show Deadline is February 14th
The Creative Metal Arts Guild Spring Show applications are available now for members who are planning to exhibit this year. It is a great experience to attend and have your work seen by hundreds of people. The CMAG Spring Show is one of the only recurring northwest shows dedicated solely to metal arts. It draws people from all over Oregon and Washington who are seeking unique metalwork art and jewelry. You can download an application here ( . Bring it to the meeting on the 11th or mail it by February 14th to secure your vendor space!

The Gallery Application Is Due March 30
Visit the CMAG website’s spring show page ( for the gallery application, an image of the postcard, and a postcard PDF.

** Upcoming Shows, Workshops, and Exhibitions

** Artburst NW
From the Artburst NW website (

ArtBurst NorthWest is a fine arts and crafts festival located on the grounds of beautiful Marylhurst University. Marylhurst has many art and art-related programs, and their student body has an average age in the late thirties. ArtBurst is a show that focuses on fine arts and crafts, with emphasis on the artists and their work, student art, art guilds, art organizations. The two organizations, ArtBurst NorthWest, and Marylhurst University enjoy a synergy that results in a wonderful celebration of the Arts.

Application Deadline: April 18, 2014
Show dates: August 2-3, 2014
Apply online:

** Local Women’s 14 Art Show
From (

The annual Local 14 Art Show & Sale presents artwork created by over 85 women artists living in the Pacific Northwest. After 45 years, Local 14 continues to promote woman artists and offer the public the highest quality mix of well-crafted and original artwork for sale.
Application Deadline: March 14, 2014 Show date: October 2-5, 2014
Jury information:

** Classes and Workshops at the Multnomah Art Center by CMAG members

For more information on these classes please see the MAC Winter Catalog on their website at

Creative Ring Designs with Debra Carus
Sat. – Sun. 10 am – 4 pm Feb. 22 & 23 $132

Hand Engraving for Jewelry Embellishment with Bruce McKay
Sat. – Sun. 10 am – 4 pm Mar. 1 & 2 $182

Lost Wax Casting Workshop with Allie Bentley
Sat. – Sun. 10 am – 5 pm Mar. 8 & 9 $142

Moving Metal—The Art of Raising with Greg Wilbur
Sat. – Sun. 10 am – 5 pm Mar. 15 & 16 $195

** Upcoming Programs

Bruce McKay has taken on the challenge of being our program director and has lined up some truly fabulous programs for 2014 so far. Stay tuned for additional information in upcoming newsletters! Here’s a quick glance at what is scheduled for the next few months:

** March: Bill Dawson

Bill Dawson, CMAG member, tool maker, jeweler and ancient metals expert, will give a presentation on the overall process used in making Ribbon Torcs, which are the oldest known anticlastic form in the history of metalwork. Then he will explore the archeological evidence for the details of the process of creating these enigmatic helical objects. This talk will include many slides of artifacts, as well as sketches and field notes from his most recent trip to the National Museum of Ireland. See his work at

** April: Martha Banyas

Martha Banyas, the world renowned enamelist who lives in Portland will be giving a talk on enameling for us. She will give the very comprehensive keynote address she gave at the Enamelist Conference two years ago, that is a soup-to-nuts of her art and work. She says it may be WAY more information than we want or need. We doubt that. See her work at (

** May: Stewart Jones

Stewart Jones, former CMAG President and owner of Indigo Gallery in Joseph, Oregon will be presenting a talk on the circa 1860 Rose Engraving Machine he displays and uses in his gallery showroom. This is the kind of machine used by Faberge and other jewelers over 100 years ago to create amazing patterns, often as background behind transparent enamels. Go to Stewart’s website, ( for more information on this old and beautiful machine and how Stewart is using it in his work today.

June and beyond to be announced later in the year.


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