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In this newsletter: Swap Meet This Tuesday – Bring things to sell and bring cash to buy! Photos from the Eric Burris Workshop, plus more workshops and upcoming events.

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** Table of Contents
* Annual Swap Meet!
* President’s Message – Another Person’s Treasures
* Upcoming Programs
* Shows, Workshops, and Exhibitions
* Photos from the Eric Burris Workshop
* Forging Entrepreneurs
* Radical Enameling Workshop – Eutectics and Eclectics
* CMAG Board Finalizing Workshop with Alison Antelman
* Member Profile: Sharon Smith
* Member News
* Estate Items of Judy Watson
* Membership Information
* Newsletter Information

** August 12th – General Meeting Program

** Annual Swap Meet!
Our program for August is the annual Swap Meet. Time to sell off those old tools and stuff laying around the shop and time to buy someone else’s old tools and stuff. Good deals and a good time for all.

** President’s Message – Another Person’s Treasures

By Leslie Zemenek
I don’t know about you, but I love yard sales and flea markets. So it’s no surprise that the first CMAG meeting I ever attended was the annual swap meet. Not only are there treasures and bargains to be had, it’s one of our more social events. At my first meeting, I not only got to chat and meet a lot of people, I got recommendations for places to look for studio space and even a referral for a realtor! And yes, yes I found some treasures!

So look through the drawers and boxes in your studio for items you don’t use or need. Bring them to Tuesday’s meeting to send them off to new homes. You might even find some treasures of your own to fill those now empty drawers.

I’ll see you there!


Are held the second tuesday of each month at 7:15 in room 33 of the Multinomah Arts Center. Guests are welcome! Each meeting includes a general meeting where guild business is discussed, followed by an educational program. Light refreshments are provided.

** Upcoming Programs

Bruce McKay has taken on the challenge of being our program director and has lined up some truly fabulous programs for 2014 so far. Stay tuned for additional information in upcoming newsletters! Here’s a quick glance at what is scheduled for the next few months:

** September: Spring Show Potluck

September we will have a potluck meeting to discuss the results of the Spring Show, and ideas on how to make the next show even bigger and better.

** Shows, Workshops, and Exhibitions

** Photos from the Eric Burris Workshop
Find more great photos and information from this workshop on the guild facebook page at





** Forging Entrepreneurs
It’s time to register for SNAG’s 2014 Forging Entrepreneurs Business Symposium “The Inside Track”

Sunday, November 9
8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
At the Atlanta, Georgia
After party 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. at

“Awesome presenters!!! The talks were well rounded and they were all able to thoroughly discuss their themes in such a short time. They all encouraged me to take the action steps necessary to succeed in my craft.”

Go to Eventbrite to register (–SfB2ulV1qqguQsnTyZg-3XlaONiLgNaQBQIM7R6MMdhMfbB_duCMWH5pIb6ttBRYy5df2PEmUddYcCEj-e_NuQLzQqpgrpPzCu4BcGtdnEldtYrmI1WkvUta3OtNrovxrNCeVItumgIF4ddjyWMSu3slptVBrkAPz002JHNdJr4KYy18Y–R5llAJ0NNHSjgtjEM09I7XY9UALbTXCzH2TYxYs739xmmTTNFoRmPXmXmm5nGHYqA1Ow==&c=ijHeJfMqkKfjNLGh4MtLDnYKBObBaeykVr8oIpI5gX1tisYNv8Zcbw==&ch=5NhgWNyHlU-g1Z9Q67jwiUt9PRhQ7IQrqgaZ6TgGKeJJvuv20a816w==)
Deadline October 31
Maximum 100 attendees

Forging Entrepreneurs is for independent jewelers and metalsmiths running small businesses. Presenting business acumen and technical skills that will increase productivity and improve your bottom line. This year’s terrific presenter line up is: Danielle Miller-Gilliam, Jessyca Holland, Deborah Sosower, Pearson Beardsley, Judy Knight, Carr McQuiston, Judie Raiford, Marthe Le Van, Chris Hentz, and Kirk Farber.

For more about the presenters, their topics, registration, and other details visit SNAG’s website. (

** Radical Enameling Workshop – Eutectics and Eclectics

Workshop Hours: M-F, 10 AM to 5 PM , with meal breaks, and optional evening work hours until 9 PM
Cost: $475 plus $35 materials fee
Materials List: Provided upon registration or when ready
Registration: Limited to 14
If the workshop is full, contact Judy Stone ( to be put on a wait list.

For more information visit:

** CMAG Board Finalizing Workshop with Alison Antelman
Alison Antelman will be giving a workshop for CMAG in Spring of 2015. A description of her workshops can be found on her website at Dates and cost information to be announced soon.

** Member Profile: Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith is a newer member who has recently taken on the volunteer position as webmaster with the guild. She recently moved to Portland from North Dakota, where she finished her MA in metals.
Sharon became interested in metalsmithing while she was returning to school for a degree in graphic design and took a casting class. At the time she was doing a lot of leatherwork and medieval reenactment and thought that she would like to know how to make fasteners and metalwork items to embellish her reenactment garb.
Sharon enjoys making mechanisms and chasing and Repoussé. Some of her pieces are focused around making sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek political statements. She has also found a niche in making custom mourning jewelry for people who have lost a loved one.
After 3 years in North Dakota working on her degree, Sharon chose to move to Portland because of its arts community, music scene, and because it is not North Dakota. As a graduate student she found that she really enjoyed teaching and hopes to be able to teach again.
Currently Sharon is working on a trio of amulets she started while in school. The amulets are on the theme of protection against rape and are based on cigar cutters. She also just finished a locket enclosing a Victorian hair weaving.

** Member News

** Estate Items of Judy Watson
Submitted by Betsy Bensen Judy Watson, a past CMAG member, has passed away and had wished for her jewelry making items to go to CMAG Members. Her son has put a price of $500.00 on the whole lot. It includes but is not limited to, because like many of us, the studio was a “bit” jumbled… tools, (lots of cool pliers), storage units, findings, some stones and rough rock for cutting, faceted stones, beading supplies, lights, chair,tables (no bench), OHAUS scale, display boxes, some metal, books including Oppi Untrach’s, so much stuff that I couldn’t really see it all. No flexshaft, but a quick change hand piece (new, in the box) for your flexshaft. Easily the entire set up is worth more than $500, and I think would be a great buy for someone just setting up their studio. There is also other equipment of hers not included in this group, such as a faceting machine, kilns, etc, being stored at the Otis location. If interested, contact Ron Kleese at 1-541-994-6646. He’s the friend
of Judi’s helping disperse her things. You can call me if you have any questions. I might be able to describe the “scene” in more detail.


Are held the second tuesday of each month at 7:15 in room 33 of the Multinomah Arts Center. Guests are welcome! Each meeting includes a general meeting where guild business is discussed, followed by an educational program. Light refreshments are provided.




When: General CMAG member meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. Doors open at 6:45pm, meetings begin at 7:15pm, and adjourn by 9:15pm.

Where: Room 33 at the ** Multnomah Arts Center, (
7688 SW Capitol Highway Portland 97219.

What: Meetings consist of a general business and a short break with refreshments, followed by a program which may be a demonstration of a technique or tool, a slide presentation, a panel discussion, or other presentation of interest to CMAG members. The CMAG Library is open before the meeting and during the break for checking out books and magazines.

Who: Meetings are open to CMAG members and their guests.


Board meetings are generally held prior to the General Meeting at 6:00 pm in Room 33 at the MAC (same room as the regular meeting). Members are encouraged to attend and contribute.

CMAG Board

* Leslie Zemenek, President
* Maggie Bowman, Vice President
* Barbara Covey, Treasurer
* Secretary (vacant)
* Michele Lukowski, News
* John Wirth, Spring Show
* Bruce McKay, Programs
* Cindy Proctor, Education
* Deb Steele, Membership
* Sharon Smith, Webmaster

Have ideas for CMAG? Get involved! We are currently seeking volunteers to head various projects and committees. If you are interested, come to a board meeting and let us know!
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** Facebook (
** Website (
** Website (

Membership Information

The Creative Metal Arts Guild, a non-profit organization, exists to create a community for metalsmiths, jewelers and metal artists, by facilitating communication, providing information and benefits, promoting a positive image of the creative metal artist and increasing public awareness of the artist’s contribution to the community.
For details please visit CMAG’s website:
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Annual membership dues are $60; students $30

Newsletter Information

Contributions, comments, classified ads, etc. are welcome.
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Michele Lukowski, Editor

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