Design Challenge

CMAG is inviting members to take part in its first ever design challenge.

Deadline for sign-up extended to July 31st!

There are only 2 requirements: the entry must be made of metal and it must fit the theme. For our first challenge, the board has chosen Bridges. It’s no secret that Portland is known for its iconic bridges, but the word bridge has many other meanings.

Merriam-Webster offers these definitions:

  1. structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle
  2. a time, place or means of connection or transition
  3. something resembling a bridge in form or function: as in
    • the bridge of the nose, the part of glasses that rests upon it
    • a piece raising the strings of a musical instrument
    • the forward part of a ship’s structure from which it is navigated
    • the hand rest for a pool cue

The interpretation is up to you. CMAG is asking that you sign up to participate in the challenge by April 30th July 31.

Entries must be photographed, and photos submitted by September 1st. Photographs must be of high resolution and publication quality. This means a minimum resolution of 300dpi with the shortest side no less than 1000px.

Actual entries will be displayed at our September 20th meeting, the potluck at the Rice Museum. We will also have an online gallery of all entries on our web site as well as a dedicated Pinterest board on our newly launched Pinterest account.

Members will be asked to vote for their favorite entry via our web gallery. The winning entry will receive a $250 gift certificate from West Coast Findings.

The challenge is open to CMAG members only. Questions about the challenge should be directed to the board.

Sign up now!




  1. Ashley Heitzman
  2. Mandy Allen
  3. Sharon Smith
  4. Michele Lukowski
  5. Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
  6. Emily Start
  7. Marcy Swanson
  8. Sarah Burr Arnold
  9. Will McConnell
  10. Jane Pellicciotto