The Guild

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The Creative Metal Arts Guild is a not-for-profit organization of metal artists who share a common passion for learning, creation, innovation and community.  We rely on our volunteer members – artists, makers, metalsmiths, jewelers, sculptors, hobbyists, business owners – to propel each other’s work forward.

We use our vision to drive us forward, and our core mission and values to ground us.  Together, these drive our key strategies and actions as we look to the future.

Our Mission

The Creative Metal Arts Guild (CMAG) cultivates excellence in the metal arts through education, advocacy and community for members during all stages of their development.

Our History

CMAG started out as the Jeweler’s Round Table, a casual group of Portland area jewelers who met at a restaurant (and yes, sat at a round table) to discuss topics of mutual interest. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1986 with the goals of exchanging ideas and technical information, discussing issues of interest, providing ways to help upgrade technical and creative skills, and finding additional ways to market the work of its members.

CMAG is a volunteer run organization governed by a board of directors. In addition to discussions, networking opportunities, and question and answer periods, monthly meetings offer a program featuring a demo, a speaker, members show and tell, or our popular annual “swap meet.”

CMAG also presents an annual show of member’s work, held every spring at the Oregon Convention Center.

Our Values

  • Collaboration – We value supportive connections and teamwork, and work collaboratively toward common goals.
  • Community & Diversity – We welcome metal artists of every background and at every level of experience.
  • Sharing – We happily offer our knowledge, skills and practices.
  • Integrity – We are responsible, trustworthy members of the greater metal arts and business community.
  • Honesty – We are truthful and yet sensitive to the opinions, needs and feelings of others.
  • Responsibility – We consistently deliver.
  • Participation – We share the load and strongly encourage member participation.
  • Respect – We treat each other with care, patience, courtesy and kindness.
  • Innovation –We cultivate new ideas and creativity.
  • Excellence – We constantly raise the bar, both personally and professionally.

Our Vision of the Future

A Space of Our Own: A welcoming environment for intellectual and artistic exploration.