Meet the Artists – 2018

Here are photos of work done by some of our many talented artists who were at the Spring Show in 2018. 2019 artists coming soon.

Anne Johnson Enamels

Array of Elegance (Jo Dean Sarrins)

Ashley May Jewelry (Ashley Heitzman)

Christina Fowler-Thais Jewelry

Designs LaRochelle

Emily Perhaps (Emily Smart)

Fairview Forge (Thomas Hynes)


Indio Metal Arts (Shelly Durica-Laiche)

Jane Pellicciotto Design Jewelry

JaQueline Sanchez

Jess Sprunger

Jewels Curnow (Robbie Curnow)

Juiceglass (Carli Schultz)

Kathleen Baker Metalwork

Kerin Dimeler-Laurence

Madeleine Moore

Mandy Allen Metal Arts

Marie-Helene Jewelry

Marty Hogan Jewelry

MJ Sandman (Marsha Sandman)

Nancy and Linda Myers Jewelry Designs

Pat McCormic

PJ Smith (Phoebe Smith)

Saucy Jewelry (Elisa Saucy)

Suzy Williamson

Tai Vautier Art Jewelry

Tiny Desk Designs (Valerie Graham)