Spring Show Committees

There are numerous ways participants can cover their volunteer work hours. These hours allow you to decrease your commission rate by up to half. Indicate on your application which committees you are interested in working on. You can volunteer for more than one committee.

For every hour that you work towards putting on the show, you can now decrease your commission rate by 1%, up to a maximum discount of 15% (in other words, a minimum commission of 15%). For instance, if you put in 1 hour of volunteer time, your commission rate will decrease from 30% to 29%, if you put in 8 hours your commission rate will decrease from 30% to 22%, etc. Committee  chairpersons automatically qualify for the 15% rate.

If you have any questions about what a committee does email it to springshow@cmaguild.org. The Steering Committee reserves the right to assign workers as needed. Committee assignments will be sent out by late January.

The committees are:

Advertising/PR – Responsible for the design and distribution of postcards and posters. Utilizing traditional and social media promotion efforts.

Charity Beneficiary – Responsible for coordinating the donations for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), including obtaining handcrafted beads from members and assembling neck pieces.

Education – Responsible for organizing and maintaining an education exhibit and demonstrations at the show as part of CMAG’s stated purpose to educate the public about art and metal artists.

Layout – Responsible for devising a floor plan of the facility and coordinating any requirements and/or services necessary, such as: fire marshal permit, pipe and drape, power, phone lines for charge card facility, producing a layout map to be given to the public, and organizing a team to mark spaces on the exhibit hall floor before load in begins.

Load In/Out – Schedules and coordinates a smooth load in and easy load out, including arranging for helpers to assist artists with unloading and moving all their show displays into place before the show as well as directing traffic and helping move out after the show is over.

Gallery – Organizes and maintains the Gallery section at the show, including soliciting members to participate in the Gallery and arranging for staffing during show hours.

Signage – Responsible for design, production and placement of all signage, including banners, easels, and sandwich boards, in and around show site. Producing and distributing name tags to the participants.

Silent Auction – Solicit member donations, set up and staff display, contact auction winners.

Sponsorship – Responsible for soliciting sponsors to help pay for show expenses.

Treasury – Responsible for helping the show treasurer collect and calculate commissions on sales receipts during the show.

Volunteers – helping to find and coordinate volunteers to help with booth sitting, education demonstrations, and staffing the gallery and silent auction during the show.

Where needed – don’t have a committee preference

For everyone and especially those of you outside the greater Portland area, there are several things you can do to earn hours including but not limited to: Promoting the show on your social networking sites, writing a story/ press release about yourself that we can use on our websites and in the print media, traveling to and from committee meetings, and communications via the phone or email. If you will have someone helping you during the show, any hours they work at the Gallery, Silent Auction or booth sitting for other artists would count.