As a Guild and 501(c)(6) Business League/Trade Organization, CMAG depends on an all-volunteer Board and staff. As we expand our programming and goals to go along with our revised Vision and Mission statements, this holds especially true.

As of 11/2018, we are specifically looking to fill the following roles:

  • Board Member – Vice President (effective 7/1/19) – The Vice President will spend a year shadowing the President and learning the role before subsequently moving up to take on the Presidency. They will gradually increase responsibilities of coordinating progress on the Strategic Plan and bolstering committees that need additional support. Someone interested in this role could begin immediately as a Board Member at Large.
  • Staff Member – Registrar – Responsible for setting up all classes and events in the CMAG online registration system and managing pre- and post-event communications (workshop materials lists, follow-up surveys, etc.) and waitlist coordination
    • Reports to the Education Board Chair
  • Staff Member – Social Media – Develops and implements an active and engaging social media schedule in conjunction with all Committee Chairs to best expand our internal and external public relations
    • Reports to the Communications Chair

If you are interested in filling any of these roles, please reach out to the Board at guild@cmaguild.org to learn more.