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February 22-23, 2020 – Makers Business Symposium 2020 – Save the date!

Our next Symposium will be February 22-23, 2020 at the Multnomah Arts Center in Portland, OR. We are currently looking for presenters and volunteers to help make the event a success.

Space of Our Own

We are looking into options for workshop space in and around the greater Portland area and will post more classes as we have availability. To learn more about the project, keep an eye on

Past Workshops

June 17-22, 2019 – Charles Lewton-Brain

We have confirmed Charles Lewton-Brain for two classes in June, to be held at the Portland Jewelry Academy. Class registration opens on April 17th at 10 am for Members. On April 24th, if classes are not sold out, it will open up to alumni of the Portland Jewelry Academy, and then to the general public on May 1st.

June 17-20, 2019 – Catches, Findings & Hinges Workshop with Charles Lewton-Brain ($625 Members, $675 Non-Members)

This workshop is an information packed compilation of goldsmith’s construction tricks and fast, sure procedures for building a basic hinge and hints for other mechanisms. These will include pin backs and basic hinges. The concept of relative fitting is emphasized.  This results in more successful construction technique and technical problem solving skills than traditional ‘blueprint building’ approaches may offer.  Production aids and bench tricks are discussed. There is a fair amount of lecture time in this intensive workshop-be prepared to take notes.

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June 21-22, 2019 – Two-Day Foldforming with Charles Lewton-Brain ($325 Members, $375 Non-Members)

Fold forming is a rapid, easily learned way of shaping sheet metal with hand tools. It is a compositional system of metal forming that emphasizes forming using the metals characteristics. Rather than forcing form upon the material forms are derived from the natural plasticity, ductility and elasticity of the metal. It is an original invention and is internationally recognized as a new approach to working metal. Developed steadily since 1980, many schools teach it and thousands of people use the methods. Shaping is extremely efficient and fast (many radical changes in cross section and surface can be made in 3-5 minutes). Tools are simple; fingers, hands, hammers, mallets, anvils and rolling mills. Complex high relief forms are produced from single sheets of metal often with a single annealing. These shapes resemble chased, constructed and soldered forms. The techniques work with all metals and are applicable for jewellery, holloware, sculpture, enameling, anodizing etc.

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March 23-24, 2019 – Maker’s Business Symposium

The Creative Metal Arts Guild of Portland is proudly hosting our first annual Maker’s Business Symposium, focusing on the business of art. While most of the presenters will be metal artists, almost all of the sessions are relevant regardless of your medium. We’re encouraging artists of all sorts and at any stage in their careers to join us, and we’re giving members of other area guilds a chance to attend at guild rates. If you have friends who are artists, please encourage them to join us!

Location: The Multnomah Arts Center 

Dates: March 23-24, 2019, 9:30 am – 5 pm

Go here for registration and panel details

September 19-21, 2018 – Tools and Jigs for Multiples with Jayne Redman 

This workshop will focus on ways to make tools and jigs to form 3 dimensional shapes and unique findings including ear wires, linkage systems, and clasps. You will learn time saving ways of measuring, cutting, connecting and forming sheet and wire.

More information at:

September 22-23, 2018  Making Multiples with Blanking Dies  – Jayne Redman

Self registering, one piece blanking dies will give you the ability to quickly create multiples in metal sheet of the shapes you conceive, affording you the time to get lost in the design process and experiment with forming and assembling. Jayne Redman has been using this method for her own production jewelry for more than 20 years and has developed ways of creating dies and blanking multiples that dramatically speed up production. In this workshop you will learn how to develop patterns for this process and the method of sawing dies from flat stock tool steel. You will have the opportunity to make combination silhouette/blanking dies and create relief forms using the hydraulic press. You will be amazed at how quickly you can go from original idea to duplicated shape as you make and use your own dies during class. Jayne will also be demonstrating her own inventive methods of forming, connecting, and engineering. 

More information at

May 2018 – Mokume Gane with Eric Burris

Eric has been working with the Mokume Gane technique for 15 years. Drawn to the organic wood-like patterns, it is the primary material in his jewelry and the focus of his workshops. His goal is teaching jewelers and metalsmiths a low-tech, low-cost, and efficient method to making traditional diffusion bonded Mokume Gane.

A series of demonstrations on the traditional method of diffusion bonded Mokume Gane

  • Immaculately clean copper and sterling silver sheets are fused together through compression and high heat to form a solid billet of metal with alternating layers
  • Billet is fired in a refractory brick mini-furnace with a soldering torch as the heat source
  • After forging to a predetermined thickness the billet can be made into twisted ring stock or patterned sheet metal
  • Raw material is made in conjunction with a jewelry project; a seamless washer formed ring or a forged band ring, both done with an inside sterling silver liner

August 2017 – Toolmaking for Jewelers with Bill Dawson

You do not have to live without the tool you need. In this money-saving and skill-building workshop, learn to make exactly what you want and need with master tool maker Bill Dawson. Students will explore working with steel to make several simple tools including a scribe, chasing punch and other decorative punches, while gaining the skills to create, alter and customize a range of tools both for the jewelry shop and general use. This course will cover the shaping, hardening and finishing of steel tools, as well as tool design and the making of nonferrous tools. Learning these skills will provide the artist with a whole range of options, allowing him or her to create or alter tools to suit the task at hand. No experience necessary.

July 2017 – Imaginative Captures with Andy Cooperman

Imagine a more fluid way to incorporate a gemstone, enamel or found object into your work: A fresh approach that leverages the principles of traditional stone setting to open possibilities that go way beyond the old standbys of prongs and bezels. Imagine tearing down some of the walls that exist between ideas, process and materials and creating new, elegant and more fully integrated setting solutions. This is Capturing.
This information-packed workshop is designed to help you change things up, to liberate the problem solver within by helping participants see a different way of approaching their work and navigate the choke points and roadblocks inherent in studio life. Along the way, we’ll explore a wide variety of tricks, shortcuts and studio tips –and some really bad jokes. Demonstrations and an extensive collection of samples will be used to illustrate topics including cold connecting, caging, back setting, the flex shaft and advanced soldering techniques.

September 2016 – Fusing Textures in Sterling and High carat gold with Marne Ryan

Fused Gold and Sterling Bangles by Marne Ryan

Fused Gold and Sterling Bangles by Marne Ryan

In this workshop renowned metalsmith and teacher Marne Ryan taught us how to create beautiful textures and patterns by fusing high karat gold to sterling silver. Students used their textured sheets to make a highly dimensional bangle bracelet.

June 2016 – Chasing and Repousse with Heather McLarty

Heather McClarty, Artist Blacksmith, taught a fabulous workshop on high relief chasing. You can learn more about her and see examples of her work at

August 2015 – Anticlastic Raising and Micro Shell Forming with Betty Helen Longhi and Andrea Kennington

February 2015 – Custom Clasps with Alison Antelman

Alison Antelman taught us how to fabricate key clasps and box clasps as well as ways to integrate them into our own jewelry work by adding stones and other decorative elements. To see examples of Alison’s work, please go to

November 2014 – Toolmaking with Bill Dawson

Bill Dawson taught CMAG members how to turn steel rod into chasing punches, texture stamps and makers mark punches.

July 2014 – Mokume Gane with Eric Burris 

Students learned to make a 16 layer billet of sterling and copper, then turned it into patterned sheet metal. 

2013 – Granulation and Reticulation with Harold O’Connorworkshop

CMAG brought in Harold O’Connor to teach a workshop on Granulation and Reticulation. In this photo he demonstrates use of a water torch for soldering.